Tips for Keeping the Bathroom Continuously Clean

by | Mar 25, 2024 | Guide | 0 comments

You might find it unexpected just how much filth and buildup can gather in just one bathroom. From toothpaste splatters, soap residue, strands of hair, to specks of dust, maintaining cleanliness in this space can seem overwhelming. Nonetheless, with a bit of commitment and some time, it’s entirely feasible to keep it in order. Although many opt to employ professional cleaning services for their bathroom needs, undertaking the task on your own is a viable option, especially when funds are limited.

No one is immune to the occasional slip up when it comes to bathroom cleanliness. It’s not unusual to let a hair or two fall in the sink or to forget to scrub the toilet or tub. However, there’s a difference between having a bad week and having a dirty bathroom. And if you want to avoid the latter, check out these tips below on how to continuously maintain a clean bathroom. 

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Opt For Liquid Soap Pumps Than Bar Soaps For Your Sink 

We have all experienced how messy bar soaps can be when placed in the sink. They tend to melt over time which causes a lot of soap scum and sticky residue. To avoid this from happening, it’s a wise choice to replace your bar soaps with liquid soaps. You can get refillable pumps at any Home Depot and fill them with whatever liquid soap you want. Not only will this help you avoid messy soap residue in your sink, but you’ll also be helping the environment by not using plastic-packaged soaps!

Stop Rapid Development of Moisture 

A dry shower is the best way to avoid mildew from accumulating in the first place. Put a microfiber cloth in your bathroom and make it a rule that whoever takes the last shower cleans the walls, tub and shower doors with the cloth. Microfibers are great at absorbing water and moisture, and they do the job quickly. In the long run, a few extra minutes of work can significantly reduce cleaning time.

Another method you can do to combat moisture is opening the bathroom window and turning on the exhaust fan as you’re taking a shower. This will help dry up the place faster, lowering the risk of mildew developing! 

Coat Your Shower Walls With a Water Repellant When Cleaning 

Water repellants work as protection over your walls to stop moisture from penetrating. When you’re doing your regular bathroom cleaning, it’s a wise choice to apply some long-lasting water repellant to your walls to ensure no mildew or molds develop over time. Water repellants are cheap and can be bought at any store such as home depots or hardware shoos! It’s surely a cost-effective way to battle moisture. 

Place Some Disinfecting Wipes Under Your Sink

You don’t need to deal with toothpaste splatters, shampoo stains, watermarks, and other messes that happen in your bathroom if you store some disinfectant wipes in your sink’s cabinet. With just one wipe, you can eliminate any grime without giving them the chance to dry out and become tougher. Furthermore, disinfectant wipes are great at killing germs, so the lesser chances for you and your family to get sick! 

Remove Shower Build-ups 

To keep soapy residue, liquid minerals, and fungus at bay, spray the lower part of your shower curtain with an all-purpose cleaner that contains bleach several times a month. But be sure you let the water rinse it off before you take a bath. Doing so won’t require you to launder your shower curtain as frequently. 


If you follow these bathroom cleaning tips, you’re sure to maintain a clean and neat bathroom that won’t often need cleaning as much as before. Our bathroom is among the places where we spend our time to relax, so it’s just right that you take good care of it!