How to Properly Clean a Shower

by | Mar 25, 2024 | Guide | 0 comments

Should you be in search of advice regarding the proper techniques for cleaning a shower, you’ve landed on the perfect reference. Showers serve a crucial function in our day-to-day lives as a sanctuary for cleanliness and unwinding. Yet, in the absence of consistent, expert cleaning, they can turn into a haven for mold and filth. Although these microorganisms might seem innocuous, they can present health risks and potentially cause more severe problems.

Cleaning your shower can be a daunting job, but nothing could ever beat the feeling of having a freshly cleaned shower. Luckily, we have created the best guide you can follow to properly clean up your shower, no matter how dirty it is. Check out below to know more!

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Step 1: Prepare Your Cleaning Materials 

The first thing to do when cleaning out your shower is to prepare your cleaning tools and materials. If you don’t want to get your hands on harsh chemicals, there are many available non-toxic cleaning products you can purchase in-home depots or hardware stores, such as an all-purpose cleaner. However, if you don’t have the time to head out to a store, then you can use household cleaning products such as: 

  • vinegar
  • lemon juice
  • baking soda
  • bleach 

Not only are they safe, but they’re easy to find too!

 Also, be sure you’ve got your cleaning equipment with you! 

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Spray bottle
  • Cleaning brush

Step 2: Clean Your Shower Walls and Tub 

Once you’ve got everything prepared, start off cleaning your walls and tub. Take out your chosen cleaning solution and pour in a fair amount to a microfiber cloth. 

Microfibers are great at taking out dirt and will do the job without scratching or damaging the surface of your tub and wall. 

Begin at the bottom of the tub and make your way to its side, then clean up it’s inside. Once done, you can proceed to the walls. Ensure that dirt and stains are entirely eliminated

Tip: If you want to clean your shower drain, take 2 cups of baking soda, 2 cups of hot water and pour them into the drain. Wait for 30 minutes before flushing out. 

Step 3: Clean The Floor

Not everyone pays attention to the floor, but it’s actually among the places where mildew can thrive since the floor can get wet, especially when you move out from your shower. 

You can clean your floor using a brush and your all-purpose cleaner. Just pour in a fair amount of the product to the floor and move your brush back and forth. Be sure that you reach the corners and rinse when done. 

Step 4: Disinfect Your Bathroom 

Once you covered all the areas in your bathroom, the next step is to do some disinfecting. You can create a natural disinfectant by combining vinegar and lemon juice into a spray bottle. Spray the solution to your walls to your tub and your shower head. Let this stay for 30 minutes. 

Tip: Open your windows to let fresh air in. This will help with the vinegar smell. 


The shower helps us get clean, so we should always take care of it by mentioning its cleanliness. The next time you plan on cleaning your shower, then be sure to re-check this guide. Not only is this easy, but it’s also effective in eliminating germs that can make you sick!