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Not known to many, your mattress is a common breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria, and fungi. And over time, it becomes heavy by the dead skin cells that you shed. While mattresses are recommended to be replaced every few years, you can extend the “life span” of your mattress by taking better care of it and having it cleaned regularly. Dirty mattresses can become health hazards, and when not cleaned, can cause allergies, itchiness, and poor indoor air quality. Your bed and bedroom should be your sanctuary, so make sure that it remains so by having your mattress and rooms cleaned regularly. You deserve to experience a professional, high-quality mattress cleaning services in Malaysia. Contact us today to know more.

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Professional Mattress Cleaner in Malaysia

Cleaning a mattress is a task often overlooked. It can be quite tedious, and many don’t know how to do it properly without tools. That is why it’s best to hire a professional mattress cleaner in Malaysia, like Fantastic Cleaner, to effectively get rid of bacteria, dust mites, and foul odors. 

Fantastic Cleaner has a team of experts who are well trained, knowledgeable, and skilled in tackling such matters. In addition, Fantastic Cleaner is equipped with specialized tools, equipment, and solutions to ensure deep and thorough cleaning. 

We make sure that we deliver beyond expectations and prioritize the health and safety of our customers. Committed and dedicated, we uphold a standard to ensure our clients are happy and satisfied.

Mattress Cleaning Services Malaysia

How Mattress Cleaning Works

Cleaning a mattress takes a lot of time, and can be tedious. But it is a necessary task and has been proven to be beneficial to your health. Have you ever woken up with nasty rashes, an allergy, or bites? It may be time to have your mattress cleaned. You may think it doesn’t need thorough cleaning since dirt and bacteria are invisible to the eye. However, once you hire a professional like Fantastic Cleaners, you’ll see how your mattress desperately needed the cleaning. Here are the steps to a typical mattress cleaning.

Step 1: Through Vacuum

The first step is to vacuum the mattress to remove the debris, dirt, and bacteria that have accumulated over time. A clean upholstery attachment is used to ensure that no new contaminants are deposited again in the mattress.

Step 2: Deodorising

Visible stains and dirt aren’t the only reason to clean a mattress. Since it’s one of the most used items in the house, it’s bound to smell a lot. Just like how you develop body odor if you don’t wash too thoroughly, your mattress too will start developing odors caused by sweat, dirt, and the chemical reactions of bacteria feeding on dead skin cells. Professional cleaners will deodorize to neutralize the foul odor and address the pesky insects like bed mites that might be living in your mattress.

Step 3: Stain removal

This step is an integral part of mattress cleaning since it helps to eliminate mites and bacteria that feed on the leftover food and dead skin cells. As mentioned, over time, mattresses can get stain marks from sweat, vomit, and other bodily fluids. When not deep cleaned immediately, it can seep through the mattress, making it harder to remove. Plus, the marks are just unsightly.

Step 4: Dry cleaning

Be sure to ask your mattress cleaner to opt for a chemical-free dry cleaning method. Fantastic Cleaners also offers this service. This ensures that molds and bacteria are removed entirely, leaving your mattress fresh and clean.

For an extra precautionary step, you can also have your mattress steam cleaned. This is extremely helpful especially if you or other family members suffer from allergy. Not only does it thoroughly sanitize the inside of the mattress, but also prolongs its life.

Why Hire a Professional Mattress Cleaning Service

Fresh, straight-out-of-the-laundry bedding can make you believe that your mattress is clean, but that’s totally false. Even if you change sheets on the regular, sweat, bacteria, and dirt can still seep through. Therefore, it’s always best to let professional mattress cleaning service providers in Malaysia, like Fantastic Cleaners, do the work.

Apart from having it thoroughly cleaned, seeking help from a professional offers other benefits. These include:

mattress cleaning

1. Mattress cleaning services improve indoor air quality

Sweat, dirt, oil, and bacteria accumulate in your mattress over time. When not properly cleaned, it can affect the air quality of your room. It may cause a foul odor which can affect your breathing and your sleep, which are integral to maintaining good health and wellbeing

By having your mattress professionally cleaned, you can remove biological contaminants that may be having a harmful effect on you.

2. Mattress cleaning services reduces allergic reactions and itchiness

Dust mites and bacteria can trigger allergic reactions, making it harder to fall asleep. Moreover, new beddings and sheets can absorb whatever dirt is left on the mattress. This can cause itchiness or acne. Professional cleaners like Fantastic Cleaner help get rid of harmful bacteria and reduce various health risks.

3. Mattress cleaning services prolong the mattress’ lifespan

Like any other property, regular maintenance of a mattress ensures that it will last for years. Neglected wear and tear on your mattress can cause serious damage and you’ll end up just wasting money. Not only that, you may be losing precious quality sleep!

For example, a tear on the lining exposes the inside pads and springs, causing them to wear out faster and possibly hurt you. Cleaning your mattress regularly can ensure that it stays in tip-top shape.

What You Can Expect From Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

While anyone can do a quick cleaning job of their mattress, it is recommended to have it deep cleaned at least twice a year. There are exceptions, however, especially if your mattress becomes heavily stained or damaged. Twice-yearly cleanups often do the trick. 

Most professionals like Fantastic Cleaner use high-grade equipment to deep clean your mattress. These get the job done more effectively and efficiently, instead of you just using an ordinary vacuum alone. Examples of equipment include steam vacuum systems, UV sterilizing machines, and drying technologies. 

Sure, hiring a professional team is an added cost but you’re actually saving more in the long run. Imagine spending money on the wrong tools that you may not even know how to use properly. Therefore, cleaning services are more cost-effective. Plus, they provide the security and confidence of a job well done. 

At Fantastic Cleaners, we make sure that you get your money’s worth by providing you with a quality customer experience and excellent results.

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