How To Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen in Puchong

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The kitchen holds a significant role in your household, as it is frequently utilized for various tasks. Its primary purposes include storing, preparing, and cooking meals. Many of your daily activities revolve around the kitchen, such as making breakfast and brewing coffee for yourself and loved ones. On some occasions, you may even dine in the kitchen, sometimes accompanied by friends and family. Furthermore, the kitchen can also bring people together to cook and enjoy meals as a group.

A dirty and unsanitized kitchen may result in the spread of bacteria and germs, which can cause you and your family to become ill or acquire different diseases. Cleaning the kitchen is not just regularly washing countertops, sweeping your floors, and cleaning the dishes, but you should also sanitize work areas and kitchen utensils that you use to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Our cleaners from Puchong are experts on doing deep cleaning in your kitchen to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your food.

Here are some guidelines on how to clean your kitchen.

Step 1: Clear All the Clutter

Remove everything that doesn’t belong to your counters. Put away all of the items that belong in the kitchen but are not in their proper place. Collect all the things in a single bin or container then you can put things where they go after all the counters are clear or after the kitchen is completely clean.

Step 2: Do the Sink

Empty the dishwasher and the dish drainer and wash the dishes. Plug the drain and run a sink of hot, soapy water then drop in things that need soaking like the microwave turntable, the dish drainer, or large pans and bowls.

Step 3: Empty Your Refrigerator

Check and inspect what’s inside your fridge. Go through all the content of your refrigerator and throw all the expired food in the garbage and the dirty food containers in the sink full of warm soapy water. Wipe all the shelves and drawers of the fridge with a soft rag and all-purpose cleaner from top to bottom to remove all the spills and grimes. 

Step 4: Clean from Top to Bottom

Cleaning from top to bottom always works in any room in your home. Dust your shelves and cabinets from inside to outside. You can use a duster or better if vacuum cleaner. Clean the corners, the light fixtures, and the tops of the cabinets, including their handles. Use an all=pupose cleaner when wiping down surfaces. It would be best if you wiped all the light fixtures using vinegar spray and water.

Step 5: Clean Other Kitchen Appliances

Stovetops. A stovetop is one of the most useful appliances inside your kitchen. Remove the grills, if your stove has them, and wipe the stovetop with a non-abrasive cleaning agent. Electric burners can be cleaned with diluted dish soap. If the cloth is greasy, be sure to swap it out for a clean one before you move on.

Microwaves. There are several ways on how to quickly clean your microwave. In a microwavable bowl, pour a cup of water and a spoon of vinegar. Turn the microwave on high for five minutes to steam the inside. Leave the steam for another 10 to 15 minutes. Carefully remove the bowl. You may replace the vinegar with either lemon juice or dishwashing soap. Remove the turntable and rinse it with soap and water. Wipe the other surfaces of your microwave such as sides, door, bottom, and top with a clean cloth. 

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Step 6: Work on the Counters and Sinks

Wash the backsplashes as these can be very oily and greasy. Dislodge crumbs caught between countertops and sink with a pan scraper. Don’t forget to wipe the cupboard doors, walls, knobs, light switches, and faucets. Finish the process by polishing with a microfiber towel and warm water.

Step 7: Clean Lower Cabinets and Drawers

Damp a clean cloth with warm and soapy water. Wipe all the angles, surfaces, and corners of your lower cabinets and drawers, including the inside.

Step 8: Clean the Flooring

After all the messes that we dropped below, it is now the perfect time to clean it up. You can use your vacuum cleaner or broom to sweep the floor. Make sure to reach all the corners and edges of your kitchen floor to make it dust-free. Then you can mop the floor or do spot cleaning as required. While waiting for your floor to get dry, you can dispose of all the garbage you have collected such as used wipes, empty bottles, dirty cloth. Then place a new garbage bag in the bin.

Regularly cleaning your kitchen not only offers an appealing look but will also reduce the possibility of pests. It controls the spread and transmission of bacteria and germs within your family. Before going outside your kitchen, wash your hands and congratulate yourself!