About Us

Fantastic Cleaners is a professional cleaning company in Malaysia. We provide our customers with the peace of mind that their home will be left as good as or better than it was before they moved in, and at an affordable price.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have built up a team of experienced cleaners who are committed to providing your property with the best possible service. Our goal is to make sure you can enjoy your house without having to worry about all the hard work involved!

Our Guarantee

At Fantastic Cleaners, we understand that our customers have the highest expectations for their cleaning needs.

That’s why you can always rely on us to deliver exceptional workmanship and professional cleaning service in a timely manner.

To help ensure customer satisfaction is at its best level possible, you’ll find quality control procedures used by all of our cleaning professionals including site inspections and meticulous attention paid to every detail during the inspection as well as customer surveys which are designed with your feedback in mind so that any constructive criticism will be acted upon immediately without delay or hesitation.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact via the email below:

General Enquiries: info@fantasticcleaners.com.my

Sales Enquiries: sales@fantasticcleaners.com.my