Why Contract Cleaners Should Adopt a Steam Vapour Process

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Cleaning contractors are constantly in search of methods to enhance their service offerings and boost efficiency. Adopting a steam vapor technique is one such strategy, enabling them to address even the toughest grime! In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of steam vapor processes for cleaning professionals and discuss why it’s an option worth thinking about.

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Kills Virus and Germs

Steam vapour kills viruses and germs with ease. It does this by oxidising the surface of dirt, meaning it goes through a chemical reaction that reduces these contaminants down to size. This leaves you with a clean environment without any harmful bacteria lingering around!

This will keep you and your employees healthy by ensuring that you handle safe materials throughout the day.

It makes it easy to sanitize all objects that come into contact with clients or customers like offices, meeting rooms and restaurants.

Uses Less Water

Steam vapour uses less water than many other methods. While it’s true that you have to clean up after, this is still a benefit for the environment and your pocket! The process works by pushing out hot steam, which vaporizes any dirt or grime on surfaces, so there is no need for scrubbing.

This reduces how much cleaning products are used in the long run as well as dramatically reducing time spent cleaning – meaning more money saved! It also means fewer chemicals being released into soil and waterways too, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to help protect our planet.


Steam vapour is a chemical-free process, making it much better for the environment and your employees.

The hot steam vaporizes any organic contaminants such as dirt or bacteria without needing to add chemicals to the cleaning solution. This means you only need water to clean!

This also reduces health risks associated with exposure to toxic chemicals like ammonia and bleach – great news for your workers who spend long days exposed to these.

Child and Pet Friendly

Steam vapour is child and pet friendly. The process works by vaporizing any dirt or grime on surfaces with hot steam, which means there is no need to use chemicals that may be harmful to children or pets!

A clean environment can also help reduce the spread of germs in your home, meaning you’ll have less illness throughout the year too. With so many benefits associated with a steam vapour technique, it’s clear why contract cleaners should consider this method over other cleaning methods available.

A few minutes spent learning more about how to implement this into your business could save you money long term while making sure everyone stays healthy at work!

Convenient for Allergies and Asthma Sufferers

Steam vapour is very convenient for sufferers of allergies and asthma due to the lack of chemicals used. Since there are no chemical residues left behind, you won’t find yourself reacting negatively to surfaces that have been cleaned with steam vapour!

This means your employees will be happy too, as they’re less likely to experience any problems related to their condition when regularly cleaning with this technique.

Removes Old Stains and Spots

Steam vapour is a great way to remove old stains and spots from any surface. Since it uses hot steam, this means that dirt or grime will be removed with ease – even if the stain has been there for some time!

Cleaning in this manner also gets rid of germs and bacteria left behind by other cleaning solutions that may not have worked as well on tough stains. This gives you peace of mind knowing your surfaces are clean when exposed to clients or customers!

Easy to Use

Steam vapour is easy to use with no training required! A few minutes spent learning about the steam vapour cleaning process before you begin will give you all of the information you need on how this works.

You don’t have to worry about having specialist equipment either – most standard vacuums can be used for this method, making it cost-effective and convenient too! This makes it perfect for contract cleaners who are looking into adding new methods without spending a fortune or investing lots of time in training staff.

Less Expensive

Steam vapour is a much less expensive cleaning method to implement. Since it only requires water and no other chemicals, you can save money long-term by not having to purchase these products for regular use – meaning more profits!

This also reduces the amount of hazardous waste produced when working with traditional chemical-based processes. It’s easy on your wallet as well as the environment, which makes steam vapour even better for businesses looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption too.

In Conclusion

The steam vapour process is a great way for contracting cleaners to reduce the amount of time they spend on cleaning projects.

This blog post has explained how it works and why you should adopt this new technique in your home or business.

We hope that these insights will help make your life easier as well! If you have more questions, call us today!