The Fastest Way to Clean Floors for Contract Cleaners

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When it comes to cleaning floors, speed is important. Contract cleaners often have tight schedules and need to get the job done quickly so they can move on to their next appointment. The following are some tips on how you can clean floors faster for contract cleaners.

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Remove All Carpets and Rugs

When you are cleaning floors, it is important to get rid of any carpets or rugs.

Even if your client’s floor needs to be vacuumed but not shampooed, the best way to clean floors fast for contract cleaners is by removing all carpets and rugs so that they don’t have anything else in their way when vacuuming.

This will also help them conserve time since there won’t be anything else they need to take care of after vacuuming.

Sweep and Vacuum

sweep and vacuum

Another way to clean floors fast for contract cleaners is by sweeping and vacuuming first. Before you mop the floor, take time to sweep it with a broom or vacuum any debris that is on the surface of the floor.

This will give them more time in mopping because they simply need to focus on one task at hand instead of two. You can also use this method if your client’s product needs just light cleaning but not much else before applying protection solutions like waxes or sealants.

This takes less effort than scrubbing off stains using hard-bristled brushes, so it saves energy as well as time!

Apply Cleaning Solution Quick

If you have a mop bucket with a wringer, do not walk back and forth from the bucket to where they are mopping because this takes time as well. Instead, apply cleaning solutions directly onto their floor mops or dry pads so that they will be easier for them to use without having any spills along the way.

This also ensures that there won’t be any drips as they go across the surface of your client’s floor, which saves more time!

Mop the Floors

Once you have applied their cleaning solution on the floor, do not walk back and forth from your client’s area to where they are mopping.

You can easily get into accidents this way because it is very easy for people to slip when walking over wet floors without shoes or socks.

It also takes more time if you keep washing your mop in between every pass across the surface of the room since that means there will be additional trips between areas which wastes even more energy!

Dust Mop Between Cleanings

After you have finished mopping the floor, take a break before your next appointment.

This will give them time to dry, and it is important that their floors are not slippery when wet, so they need some time to absorb all that excess moisture from cleaning solutions which can be very dangerous if ignored!

Once it’s been at least six hours since your previous appointment, dust mop around the entire area where you were just working on because this ensures there won’t be any dirt accumulating in corners or along edges of walls where regular sweeping might miss.

Also, make sure the water used for cleaning was cleaned by testing it first using a pH kit or field test kits. If there wasn’t much debris built up, then the chances are good that only water was used.

If there is a lot of built-up grime from cleaning products or other types of contaminants, you should get your water tested to make sure it isn’t too alkaline, which can cause rusting and corrosion over time.

Return Carpets and Rugs

After your client’s floor has been fully dried and you have finished dust mopping, it is time to put their carpets or rugs back in place on the surface of the floor.

This will ensure that there aren’t any hardwood floors covered with debris from water which could scratch them over time!

The New Understanding

This blog post has shared with you some of the fastest and easiest ways to clean floors.

Whether you’re a professional cleaner or just looking for an easier way to keep your home sparkling, these tips can help anyone who has the floor in need of cleaning.

If you have more questions in mind, contact us today.