Guide To Effectively Clean Factory Floors

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It’s hardly surprising to learn that the floors in your factory can quickly become dirty and show signs of wear, especially with the daily influx of thousands of visitors and the constant movement of heavy equipment. Considering that your workforce and machinery spend most of their time on these surfaces, it’s inevitable that your floors and carpets may turn into hotspots for germs and grime, posing health risks to you and those nearby. Bearing all this in mind, as a business owner, you have the duty to engage a dependable commercial cleaning company to ensure your floors are clean and your workplace is a safer environment.

However, when the budget is a bit tight, or you don’t have the time to wait for a professional cleaner to come, it’s a good idea to have basic knowledge on how to effectively clean your factory floors, and in this article, we are going to show it to you. So, read on!

Step 1: Conduct Proper Preparation Before Floor Cleaning

If you think cleaning floors means going into an area with a broom and sweeping like crazy, then you’re thinking the wrong way! Before you can head to the cleaning process, you have to conduct proper preparation to ensure everything is ready for cleaning. Be sure to take note of the following reminders below, so you don’t get lost along the way!

  • When cleaning an area all machinery must be kept out or placed in a specific region of your industrial building.
  • Take boxes and packages and place them temporarily in a storage area.
  • All electrical wires must be properly kept and no wire must be found on the floor.
  • Rugs and carpets must be taken out.
  • Pick up visible debris such as papers, plastics, etc.

Before you begin cleaning, always ensure that no debris is found on the floors, so your cleaners won’t have a hard time cleaning the floors.

Step 2: Plan Out Your Cleaning Path 

When it comes to cleaning floors, the last thing you want to do is cleaning in circles! Analyzing your cleaning path in advance is the greatest way to guarantee a quick and effective completion of a cleaning routine. It’s best to start cleaning from the far end and work your way back to the beginning, just like when painting a garage floor. This will not only help you avoid re-scrubbing and sweeping regions that have already been cleaned and swept, but it will also make it much easier to track your progress. Doing so will surely save you time and energy!

Step 3: Choosing the Right Cleaning Solution 

When it comes to industrial floors, picking the right cleaning solution is important since you surely don’t want to damage the quality of your floors. Before you choose a product, you need to consider the purpose you’ll be using it for. If you have floors that are oily and greasy, you must go for floor cleaners that have degreasers in them since using normal floor cleaners will just end up spreading the grease on your floors.

However, if your floors are dry, you may go for a normal floor cleaner since it can effectively kill germs, remove stains and clean your entire floor with no issues. Be sure you talk to a professional before purchasing your floor cleaner, so you don’t end up wasting money!

Step 4: Picking Out The Ideal Floor Cleaning Equipment 

This is perhaps the most important consideration, as the cleanliness of your industrial floors would be directly proportional to the type of unit you choose. It’s beneficial to have a cleaning business that provides a variety of scrubber-dryers for various environments. Some walk-behind models are best for smaller areas such as offices or business firms, whereas their ride-on counterparts can handle much bigger spaces like industrial warehouses.

Before picking the right equipment, ensure that you analyze what would be best for your area. Talk to a professional cleaning service provider to have a better insight into this.

Step 5: Conduct The Cleaning Process

Once you’re all set, you can begin the cleaning process. Take out your chosen floor sweeper device and take out all the dirt and dust on the floor. Bring out your mop or perhaps a mopping machine and pour in a good amount of floor cleaner onto it and begin scrubbing. Let this stay on for 5-10 minutes to ensure the product deeply cleans your floors and rinse with water after. You’ll surely have a clean floor in no time!


If you want to put your company on top and stand out from the crowd, you need to make sure that it is always clean and well-presented. After all, your business is a reflection of you!