How To Clean Up After Renovation & Minimize Mess During Construction

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Renovating a home is a challenging endeavor. You’ll encounter numerous obstacles that require your direct attention and resolution. Among the toughest aspects of this process is managing the cleanup post-renovation and reducing clutter throughout the construction phase. In this blog post, we’ll explore strategies for effectively cleaning up post-renovation and keeping mess to a minimum during the build.

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Discuss With Your Contractor About the Preparation

discuss with contractor

One of the first things you must discuss with your contractor is how to minimize mess during construction.

In order for renovations and construction projects to be completed as quickly as possible, it’s important that contractors have access around the clock.

This may mean changing work hours so those living in a house being renovated can sleep without disturbances from noise coming from a renovation site.

Discussing this ahead of time will help reduce stress all-around. If there are any special circumstances surrounding your home or renovation project, make sure to include them when talking about cleaning up after renovations and minimizing mess during construction.

Prepare and Protect Your Home Before

This is one of the best ways to clean up after renovation and minimize mess during construction at all times.

If there are rooms in a house being renovated where dust will be most prevalent (such as bedrooms), consider moving valuables such as electronic equipment or furniture outside those rooms before contractors begin renovating them.

This can help keep devices like televisions safe from any damage that may come with the process of cleaning up after renovations and minimizing mess during construction.

Seal the Construction Site

It is vital that contractors seal off the construction site before beginning renovations.

This will protect both your home and belongings from any damage, as well as keep dust contained to one area of a house being renovated rather than spread throughout it via cleaning up after renovations and minimizing mess during construction.

When you clean up after renovation or minimize mess during construction, make sure this step has been taken care of so everyone can be safe around the worksite.

Choose Whether to Stay or Go During Renovation

One of the biggest decisions to make during renovation is whether or not you should stay at your home while it’s being renovated.

If you do decide to live in a house that is under construction, be sure to keep all valuables and breakable items out of rooms with high levels of dust (such as bedrooms), and wear protective clothing when cleaning up after renovations and minimizing mess during construction, so no dirt gets on any clothes.

That way, you will remain protected from contamination without having any issues regarding cleanliness around your home.

How to Clean Up After Renovation

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Now that you know how to minimize mess during construction, let’s tackle how to clean up after renovation. Here are the steps in doing so:

Sweep and Vacuum Clean All Surfaces

Make sure to sweep and vacuum clean all surfaces, as this will remove most of the dust that is left behind after renovations.

What you can do here is use a broom with soft bristles to brush off any major pieces of debris, then follow up with vacuuming those areas via cleaning up after renovation and minimizing mess during construction.

Sweep and Mop Floors

If there are any floors in a house being renovated (such as hardwood or tile), make sure to sweep and mop those surfaces before continuing on with cleaning up after renovations and minimizing mess during construction.

This will help keep dirt from getting into crevices of wooden flooring, as well as avoid scratches that may come with sweeping.

Wipe Down and Disinfect High-Touch Areas

Next, wipe down and disinfect high-touch areas such as light switches.

This will ensure that surfaces like doorknobs remain clean at all times during cleaning up after renovation and minimizing mess during construction to minimize cross-contamination with dirt from the rest of a house being renovated.

Clean All Hardware Hinges and Handles

Here you will want to clean all hardware hinges and handles via cleaning up after renovations and minimizing mess during construction.

This includes doorknobs, cabinet pull-outs, etc. Make sure to wipe these surfaces with a disinfectant, so dirt doesn’t stick later on in the day when you are trying not to contaminate your home or belongings.

Remove Trash

When you are cleaning up after renovation and minimizing mess during construction, be sure to remove any trash that may have piled up in a house being renovated.

This includes both large pieces of debris as well as dust bunnies, so they don’t get tracked all over your home or belongings while renovating.

In Conclusion

As you can see, it is possible to clean up after the renovation process and minimize mess during construction.

Hopefully, these tips will help make your next project go more smoothly! If you have any questions in mind, call us today.