Easy Ways to Clean Your House in Hot Weather

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Struggling with the heat and finding cleaning a tough task? Don’t lose hope! We have the perfect advice to simplify it. Discover how to maintain a cool, refreshing ambiance in your home amidst the intense heat of Malaysia. Check this out:

Utilize Fans and AC

Beat the heat! Utilize cooling systems like air cons and fans for a more bearable living space. Position and maintain them well for maximum efficiency. Close windows and doors during the hottest part of the day and replace air con filters regularly. Lower thermostats, use blackout curtains, and upgrade insulation too!

Place bowls of ice in front of fans, dab a cool cloth on your forehead, and keep water bottles near you to prevent heat exhaustion. Invest in proper cleaning equipment, dampen cloths before wiping surfaces, and declutter too! All these to survive hot weather in Malaysia.

Declutter and Organize

Managing your home in Malaysia’s hot weather is key to keeping clean. Streamlining can reduce dust, and make cleaning easier. It will also make your house look better! Here’s how to get started:

  1. Start with one room. Put things in their place.
  2. Remove unused items. Sort into piles – keep, donate or throw. You might even be able to sell them on an online marketplace.
  3. Use storage options. Try shelf inserts, racks, and baskets for smaller items.
  4. Create a nice display. Select a few decor pieces and create a pleasant atmosphere.

It won’t happen overnight. Set aside time and be consistent. You’ll reduce trip hazards and improve physical health. Vacuum regularly and you’ll be all set!

Dusting and Vacuuming Tips

Maximize your cleaning routine during hot weather with these smart Dusting and Vacuuming Tips!

1. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner with an effective HEPA filter to capture allergens and dust particles on floors and carpets.
2. Use a microfiber cloth or duster to clean hard-to-reach areas like ceiling corners and fans.
3. Schedule regular maintenance for your vacuum to stay on top of performance.

Also, try adding fragrant oils to the vacuum bag or essential oils to the cleaning water for a fresh scent. With these tips, you can achieve a cooler environment without much effort.

Don’t let the bathroom be the scariest place in your house. Give it a quick clean-up and make it shimmer like a unicorn’s mane!

Quick Bathroom Clean-up

Achieve a neat and tidy bathroom with a “rapid clean-up process”! Here is a simple way to do it:

Step Action
1 Gather all the necessary cleaning materials and keep them near the sink.
2 Clean any visible dirt and grime from sink basin, faucet handles, etc.
3 Next, use an appropriate cleaner and brush to remove any stains in the toilet bowl.
4 Finally, use spray cleaner and paper towels to wipe up water spills or residue on the floor.

Remember to pay special attention to hidden spots such as under the sink cabinet and bathtub corners during hot weather – they can be breeding grounds for dirt and spills! Clean sheets are like a fresh start in life – without the screaming and mess!

Refresh Your Bedding

In hot weather, keep your bed clean and fresh with a few useful tips!

Air out the bed in the morning when it’s cooler. Wash pillowcases and sheets in hot water often. Use light cotton sheets for cozy nights. Get a lightweight duvet or blanket so you don’t overheat. And use a mattress protector to prevent sweat, dirt and stains.

Remember, dirty bedding can cause skin irritation and allergies- develop a regular cleaning routine for best results! Then, you can enjoy a comfortable sleep all summer.

Need to clean your outdoor space but feeling the heat? Don’t worry, just hire a pro cleaning company and relax with a cold drink.

Outdoor Cleaning Tips

Getting your outdoor areas cleaned by professionals can be the best decision ever. If you don’t have time for it, or just don’t feel like doing it yourself, then Malaysia has a lot of professional cleaning companies to offer. Here’s what you should consider when choosing one:

  • Check if they have experience with outdoor cleaning.
  • Ask for references and read reviews.
  • Compare prices and services offered.

It’s really important that the company you pick knows how to do outdoor cleaning. Check their experience and references, so you can be sure they know what they’re doing. Also, compare prices and services, before committing.

Remember, outdoor areas need proper maintenance. So, keep these tips in mind when selecting a professional cleaning company in Malaysia.

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

The kitchen’s the heart of a home. It needs to stay neat and organised, whatever the weather. In hot, humid Malaysia, it’s extra tricky. Here’s how to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic during summer:

  • Lemon juice and vinegar work best for countertops.
  • Baking soda and water make oven cleaning a breeze.
  • Hydrogen peroxide sanitises cutting boards.
  • Baking soda and vinegar keep sinks and drains clog-free.

Ventilation’s key too. Open windows, turn on fans – no stagnant air! Don’t let dirty dishes sit in the sink either. Flies are unwelcome guests that bring germs.

These tips, plus customised cleaning solutions, will help you keep your kitchen safe and healthy. If you want your floors to shine, mop with some vinegar and water – it’ll look like a disco ball!

Floor Cleaning Made Easy

In hot weather in Malaysia, it’s crucial to know cleaning techniques to keep floors clean. Here’s how you can make it effortless and quick:

1. Sweep with a soft-bristled broom to remove dirt, dust, and debris. This stops grime build-up.
2. Mop with warm water and detergent or a floor-specific cleaning solution. Rinse the mop often in fresh water.
3. Dry floors immediately after mopping to stop water stagnation, which attracts germs and bacteria.

If liquid spills on the floor, wipe it off quickly with a microfiber cloth. Don’t use abrasive scrubs or harsh chemicals as they can damage the surface. With these tricks, your floors will stay spotless even in hot weather in Malaysia.

Don’t Forget the Windows

Clean windows in hot weather can be tough, yet it’s necessary for a tidy home. Not cleaning them can cause build-up and make them look bad. To make sure you remember, put window cleaning on your weekly to-do list.

Gather the gear: cleaning solution, microfiber cloth, squeegee, and bucket. Wet the window with the solution and wipe away any dirt with a microfiber cloth. Then, use a squeegee from the top left corner of the window and move down to the bottom right corner. Finish with a dry cloth for an impeccable finish.

Keep away from direct sunlight when cleaning windows! It can lead to streaks on the glass. It’s best to do it early morning or late afternoon, when there’s no sun. Follow these steps and tips and you’ll never have streaky windows again!


Keeping your home clean during hot weather can be tough, but there are easy steps to succeed.

  1. Get air circulatin’. Open doors and windows, use fans, and make sure your AC is working.
  2. Clean regularly with microfiber cloths to remove dust and dirt. Clean moisture-prone areas daily, like the bathroom and kitchen.
  3. Use lightweight cleaning tools such as brooms with plastic bristles or rubber squeegees. Stick to natural cleaning agents, such as vinegar or baking soda, instead of harsh chemicals.
  4. Declutter your home routinely. Clutter traps heat and breeds germs.

Beat the heat without sacrificing cleanliness with these tips!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my house during hot weather?

It is recommended that you clean your house at least once a week during hot weather to prevent dust, dirt, and bacteria accumulation that can exacerbate allergies and respiratory problems.

What are some easy ways to clean my house during hot weather in Malaysia?

Some easy ways to clean your house during hot weather in Malaysia include opening the windows early in the morning and late at night to let in some fresh air, using a fan to circulate air, mopping or sweeping the floors regularly to prevent dust from accumulating, and using a damp cloth to wipe surfaces frequently.

How can I keep my house smelling fresh during hot weather in Malaysia?

You can keep your house smelling fresh during hot weather in Malaysia by using natural air fresheners such as essential oils, opening the windows to let in fresh air, and washing your bedding and fabrics regularly.

What should I do if my house gets humid during hot weather in Malaysia?

If your house gets humid during hot weather in Malaysia, you can use a dehumidifier, air conditioner, or fans to regulate humidity levels. Additionally, you could consider placing some moisture-absorbing plants such as ferns or rubber plants to help purify the air and regulate humidity levels.

How can I prevent mold and mildew growth in my house during hot weather in Malaysia?

To prevent mold and mildew growth in your house during hot weather in Malaysia, you should ensure that there is adequate ventilation in your house, wipe damp surfaces frequently, and avoid leaving damp clothes or towels lying around. Additionally, you may consider using mold-resistant paint on walls and installing a dehumidifier or air conditioner if necessary.

What are some tools and supplies I should have to clean my house during hot weather in Malaysia?

Some tools and supplies you should have to clean your house during hot weather in Malaysia include a mop, broom, dustpan, vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloths, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, hazmat suit, and gloves.