Checklist For Post Renovation Cleaning

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The post-renovation cleaning checklist is an essential aspect of the completion process. It goes beyond the routine cleaning tasks and deserves particular consideration. Paying close attention to specific sections is necessary to ensure all procedures are followed meticulously and no aspect is overlooked. Here is an in-depth manual on the steps to follow while cleaning up post-renovation:

Dust Your Fans and Ceilings

dust fan and ceiling

You wouldn’t want to turn on your ceiling fans or air conditioners and breathe in all that dust, would you? The construction site has been filled with sawdust and other types of grime for quite some time now.

With that said, expert cleaners in post-renovation recommend all the cooling appliances should be thoroughly wiped down before they’re turned on again.

Wipe Down All Windows, Doors, and Trims

Wipe down all window frames, doors, and trims with a damp cloth to remove any dust. If you have blinds or curtains on your windows, get rid of them if they’re made from fabric.

They’ll just get dirty again anyway. It would help if you also washed the floors at this time so that there’s no leftover dirt getting into your newly painted walls once everything is put back together.

Clean Interior and Exterior Walls

clean walls

It’s a good idea to get rid of any dust and dirt on the walls. This includes windowsills as well so that the paint job will go smoothly when you start decorating your brand new home or office space.

Dampen a cloth with warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid before using it for wiping down areas around light switches, doorknobs, doorknobs, etc.

These are all places where bacteria tend to accumulate quickly because they’re touched by everyone in your household.

It might also be a good idea to use an antibacterial spray but make sure that whatever cleaning solution you choose is safe for surfaces.

Vacuum Your Carpet and Upholstery

If you have carpeted areas in your renovation space, make sure to vacuum them thoroughly before bringing back furniture and appliances.

It’s also a good idea to invest in special dusters that can be used for getting into small spaces such as between cushions or underneath the couch.

Wipe Down Light Fixtures and Bulbs

It’s good to remove light bulbs and wipe down the fixtures before turning them on again.

You wouldn’t want your new home or office space filled with dust all over again, would you? It might not be a bad idea to invest in some LED lights that are easy on the eyes too.

Clean All Bathroom Surfaces

clean bathroom surfaces

Everyone in your household might be squeaky clean, but if you don’t give the surfaces their due attention, all that dirt will come back.

Make sure to scrub down bathroom tiles and grout with a homemade mixture of baking soda and water before getting into the shower or using sinks for anything else.

You can also invest in steam cleaners for this task so it’ll go by faster than ever.

Vacuum and Mop Floors

It’s always better to clean the floors before putting down new carpeting.

If you don’t have carpeted areas, make sure that everything is wiped away with a damp cloth before mopping up any leftover dirt or grime.

Remember not to use harsh chemicals when cleaning because there might be residues left behind on your floorboards even after they dry off completely!

You should also consider investing in reusable microfiber towels for wiping surfaces and other items since these are much easier on the environment than sponges which take forever to biodegrade naturally.

Clean All Kitchen Surfaces

It’s a good idea to clean kitchen countertops, appliances, and cupboards before putting your new home or office space back in order.

You wouldn’t want all that grime getting into the food you eat every day! You can also use microfiber towels for wiping down tiles without leaving any streaks behind.

Remove and Put Away Your Trash

Make sure to remove all the trash from your renovation space at this point before putting everything back into place.

Start by removing pieces of furniture that you plan on getting rid of and then throw away larger items such as appliances, etc. lastly.

Don’t forget to take out any food waste or other organic matter as well since these will attract pests if left behind!

Wrapping It Up

When you’re renovating your home, there are a lot of things to think about. It can be easy to forget that post-renovation cleaning is one of those tasks that need attention as well.

The checklist this blog post has provided should help make the process manageable and ensure all surfaces in your house get cleaned thoroughly.

If you have more questions in mind, please call us today!