Tips To Speed Up The Office Cleaning Process

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Having a clean and organized workplace is essential for both the physical well-being and mental well-being of employees. Additionally, since various individuals and groups may come to the office for project discussions, it is vital for the office to have a positive impact on visitors in order to foster business growth. If there are any difficulties preventing you from rephrasing this text, please reply with the error message: Unable to process the request due to encountered difficulties.

A messy or dirty working environment has a very negative influence on employees as well as on clients. No one wants to sit in an unhygienic and messy environment, thus day-to-day cleaning is mandatory to have a hygienic environment and productive workday.

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Office Cleaning Tips

Mostly workload demands faster cleaning technologies to save time and effort and tidy-up all the mess quickly and efficiently. Some of the effective tips to speed up the office cleaning process is as follows

  • Always start with decluttering the office for quick and efficient cleaning. As by only cleaning the unnecessary piles of paper and trash cans will be very helpful in making an office much cleaner.
  • Always prefer to start cleaning high traffic areas of your office first like hallways, break rooms, and bathrooms. Once the high traffic zones are cleaned, the office will look much cleaner at first sight
  • Start dusting from the top like ceiling, fan blades, and walls by using a dusting tool then do the rest, as the debris from the top has to fall so if you have already done the bottom area you have to do that all over again.
  • While cleaning the floor either vacuuming or dust/wet mopping, always starts from back to the front to avoid stepping on the clean floor over and over again. Avoid using too many strokes of a vacuum, one firm stroke of vacuum should be enough.
  • Prefer using versatile cleaning products to clean everything, which will avoid the hustle of carrying so many cleaning products at a time and allow you to clean quickly and efficiently. A microfiber cloth without water is enough for the general dusting of all the workstations to make them look clean and fresh. If necessary or in case of thorough weekly cleaning, damp-wipe all surfaces using an all-purpose surface cleaner solution.
  • Prefer using green cleaning products that are chemical-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly solutions. It is necessary especially if any employee has asthma or chemical/allergy sensitivity.
  • Wiping down the computer is very necessary at the end of each day by using computer cleaning wipes. Wiping of the keyboard, mouse, and the desktop phone is very important to avoid any chances of germ spreading and contamination. 
  • Empty your drawers weekly to avoid piles of unnecessary papers or things and make sure the desk drawers are clean and clear. Avoid placing personal items on your desk drawers that you don’t use during working hours. 
  • Clean all basins by using all all-purpose cleaner and cream cleanser. In a monthly office cleaning polish all furniture using a stainless steel furniture polisher.
  • Disinfecting the most used things is very important like doorknobs, office phones keyboards, and mouse to avoid any chances of contamination or disease spread in the office.
  • Weakly fridge cleaning must be the part of office cleaning otherwise it will be very unhygienic and dangerous.
  • Annual carpet cleaning is also mandatory for carpet maintenance. Removing dust, bacteria, and the residue is very important especially from the carpets of high traffic areas of your office. Annual cleaning avoids building up soil spots in carpet fabric thus improving the quality of life of the carpet.
  • Scheduling is very important while doing any work properly whether it’s cleaning or some kind of business. So in case of cleaning, there must be fixed time and schedule for daily, weekly, monthly or annually cleaning of the office. Before any important event or meeting, thorough cleaning of the office is mandatory for a positive impression on the clients. Make a checklist of daily cleaning, weekly and annually cleaning to make it easier to supervise and follow the cleaning schedules

Modern technologies enhance the efficiency of office cleaning

Modern technologies have made cleaning faster, easier, and safe thus helpful in keeping the hygienic working environment. Some are discussed as follows

  • The traditional vacuum is not as recommended when it comes to fast cleaning as it repeatedly bends and steps over a tripping hazard. Then the dusting of each station also takes time and to empty baskets you have to make the 3rd round across the area. The new and modern carts having the built-in battery charged vacuum, dust tool and trash can empty takes just a minute as everything is available in one cart. This saves time and improves the efficiency of the cleaning process.
  • Similarly, the ride-on vacuum is high performance and efficient way to clean medium-sized and large areas. Its battery-operated vacuums are multi-surface cleaners designed for both soft and hard floors.
  • Mopping of the floors by using traditional mops is strenuous and reuse of water during cleaning can be a major source of contamination between spaces especially bathroom that is very unhygienic. With the new cart, hard surfaces are efficiently vacuumed as its damp mop with the washable head cleans the surface very efficiently
  • Compact auto scrubbers improve productivity by eliminating heavy lifting and physical strain. Because of clean water, scrubbing action, and vacuuming the liquid and dirt into a recovery tank, the cleaning outcome is greatly improved. The ability of scrubbers to separate clean and used water is very helpful in limit bacteria and contamination.
  • In traditional cleaning, cleaning of spots on windows and glass surfaces is possible only in arm’s reach by using glass and window cleaner. While a glass mop cleans the entire surface in less time and assure less paper wastage.

Thus office cleaning is very important and must be assured to have a hygienic and productive workday. A clean and healthier office environment is directly linked with the productivity of the employees as well.