Tips on Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home in Malaysia During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Amidst the current state of the world, it is crucial that you do not neglect your household responsibilities and disregard the condition of your home. With the rapid increase of coronavirus cases, it is not worth risking infection as it could also harm your loved ones. As a reputable provider of disinfection services, we strongly recommend keeping your residential property clean and well-maintained on a daily basis to minimize the chances of contracting the virus. Your well-being should always take precedence, and regular cleaning is just one way to ensure this. If you encounter any difficulties with this rewrite, please notify us with the following error message: Unable to process the request due to encountered difficulties.

As a result, You have to do some needed measures to prevent the virus from sabotaging your life. This article has prepared tips on cleaning and disinfecting your home to guarantee a safe and secured environment!

Tip 1: Always Disinfect Your Doorknob 

You’re a door knobs are among the most frequently touched item in your entire household. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that one individual can touch a doorknob 109 times a day. That is why you need to constantly disinfect and clean your doors, especially when you’ve got guests coming over. With just a strong disinfectant solution, a spray bottle, and a microfiber cloth, you’re sure to eliminate germs that can affect your health!

Tip 2: Leave Packs of Disinfectant Wet Wipes In Each Room

One cleaning hack that many homeowners practice is leaving wet wipes in each room of their house. But with the coronavirus going on, it’s better to opt for disinfecting wet wipes. Not only is it convenient for cleaning up dirt, dust, or food spillage, but it can also kill germs and eliminate bacteria.

Tip 3: Vacuum Your Rugs

Rugs are known to be objects that easily catch germs, dirt, and dust because of their fiber properties. If you’re always going out, it’s possible that you can take in dirt from the outside since (obviously) different types of germs can be found in the ground.

It is advisable to wash your rugs and carpets with a disinfectant once a week to be safe. Not only will this make your carpet look amazing, but it’ll also lower your chances of getting sick.

Tip 4: Do a Regular Deep Cleaning Routine 

If you aren’t used to deep cleaning every once in a while, then it’s time to change your ways. Regular deep cleaning can helo establish a home that is neat, organized, and germ-free. You don’t need to constantly worry about the virus because you’re frequently eliminating any chances of dirt build-up.

Deep cleaning usually involves sweeping and mopping all floors, dusting furniture, disinfecting surfaces, and many more. For a guaranteed effective cleaning, it’s good to call in professionals for help.

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Tip 5: Remember to Replace Your Kitchen towels and Dish Cloths 

The kitchen is where we love to spend our time cooking, which goes the same for many of our family members. Although your dishcloths and towels may seem clean, it’s good to replace them at least once every two days.

Research shows that sometimes washing our hands can’t completely eliminate the virus, and if you have a kitchen cloth nearby your sink where people wipe their hands to dry, then there’s a possibility that the virus could stick there. Lower the chance of spreading germs by regularly replacing your clothes.


Sadly, coronavirus plans to stay with us for a long time which is why preventive measures and a good cleaning routine are needed to combat this life-threatening hazard. To ensure you and your family’s safety, be sure to follow all our given tips!