How to Cooperate with KL’s Cleaners

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If you are considering hiring a cleaning service in Kuala Lumpur (, there are a few important things to keep in mind. The cleaners have a set amount of time to clean your house, rather than the entire day. Therefore, they will work within a specific time frame to complete their cleaning tasks. In the case of any difficulties, please respond with the following error message: Unable to process the request due to encountered difficulties.

It is your job to take the best work out of them within the time constraint. For this purpose, some tips would be helpful to you to cooperate with your cleaners and achieve the best results within the given time.

Things You Can Do to Cooperate With the Cleaner

Inform Them About Your Cleaning Needs

The cleaners visit several houses in a day. Every house is different in many aspects, such as size, furniture, layout, and many other things. Some of them are very large, and some of them might be very dusty. The point is that the cleaners don’t know your house as much as you know it properly. They might not know of that corner of your house that needs the most attention during cleaning. So you need to convey and inform the cleaner about those particular areas that need the most of their attention.

You must be present for the first cleaning session to tell them more clearly about those areas. If you cannot be there, someone else from your household must be there to guide them. Otherwise, you won’t be satisfied with the cleaning outcome that you would get. Also, you need to convey about the products needed to clean your house so that they come into your home with the proper equipment and cleaning agents. You can read this post on how often to hire a cleaner.

Don’t Enforce The Cleaners to Work Overtime

You must realize that these workers might need to visit other houses as well that might be in their schedule. You cannot ask them to work overtime without prior notice. This could affect their commitment to other clients. Take as much work you want from them within the time decided beforehand.

Keep Pets Away When The Cleaners Arrived

When the cleaners visit any home, their priority is to focus on their work so that the clients can achieve the outcomes. They are professionals who do not compromise on the quality of work. For this purpose, you have to make sure that your toddler does not come in between their work as it might affect their work. The same goes for pets like dogs and cats.

If they are not taken care of and are left to roam around the house, the cleaner will not be able to focus on his work solely. So, it would be better if the pets and kids are taken care of till the end of cleaning.

Do Not Overload the Cleaner

If you are hiring a single cleaner, then you cannot expect him to move the entire furniture on his own to do the cleaning. This might be a health hazard for the cleaner as he might hurt his back while moving the heavy furniture. Therefore, it is better that you should move the furniture on your own with your family’s help before the session so the cleaner can clean properly. It also saves time because the cleaner could give more time to cleaning rather than moving things here and there.

You need to take care that the cleaner is not overloaded with work. Only provide such work that the cleaner can and for the work you have hired him. 

Don’t Micromanage The Cleaners

Of course, the cleaner does not know your house that well as much as you know. But the cleaner is a professional who has loads of experience in his/her area of expertise. You cannot merely dictate them every task that you want and stand right next to them while they are working. In simple words, don’t micromanage them. Just convey your needs to them and make them familiar with your house. Micromanaging could cause conflict in their work, and they might lose time during conflict resolution. Thus, you must leave the work on the shoulders of the professional.

Conclusion About Working WIth Your Cleaners

The above-mentioned tips are very important to understand the expectation of the cleaner. These are common expectations of the cleaners from their clients. Make sure to consider them; it will benefit you in the end. You can achieve the desired results that you wanted. The cleaner will also be satisfied, and he will not regret working in your house.