How To Clean The House For Unexpected Guests

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There are occasions when you might have guests arriving without prior notice, leaving you with little opportunity for thorough cleaning. This situation can be daunting, as it’s normal to feel stressed when time is against you. However, there’s no cause for concern. By following the advice in this article, you’ll be able to manage unexpected visitors with ease and make sure they have a pleasant stay. Moreover, choosing to book a same-day cleaning service with a reputable cleaning firm in Kuala Lumpur offers a viable alternative.

Focus on the Right Areas To Clean

The first thing that you need to do and realize is that not all your house needs cleaning. Your cleaning must be area specific. If you select the specific areas, you will be able to complete the cleaning in less time. You need to focus on areas in which the guests would sit. This could be the dining room or family room.

Make a list of the places where the guests are likely to visit. Grab the cleaning supplies and clean these specific areas and rooms within the time limit. If you don’t have enough time to clean all rooms, you can close the doors of those rooms. This would solve many of your problems.

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Clean the Hallway

Your guests would have the first impression of your house from the entrance and the door. Make sure there are no cobwebs on the top of the main door, and it is clean. Unclutter all the things that are placed in the hallway. Organize the shoes on the shoe rack. Vacuum the rug and dust the table at the entrance of the house. The guests should have a pleasant first impression of your house. To do this, everything in the hallway, including the furniture, must be clean. If you want a cleaner to help you with this, you should check out this post on how often to book a cleaner in KL.

Clean the Bathroom

clean bathroom

A bathroom is a place where your guests might visit for a few minutes, at least. It is also the place which is untidiest and needs cleaning to be done. You don’t need to clean every toilet/bathroom in your house, but you must clean the bathroom that your guest might go into. Clean the sink and taps. Put a fresh towel and stack a new roll of toilet paper.

Clean the mirror as it should not have water drops or dust on it. These are some basic tasks that you need to do during the cleaning of your bathroom. If you have more time on your hands, you can also clean the toilet bowl and the faucets as well according to the time limit.

Clean the Kitchen

clean kitchen

The guests might visit the kitchen to help you out with the food. You need to make sure that the kitchen is in good shape, at least from the surface level. No one would like to eat if your kitchen is messy. Firstly, throw the trash and all unwanted things that are sitting on the countertop with no good purpose. The dirty dishes should not be left in the sink as they give a bad impression. All your dirty dishes must be in the dishwasher. Empty the sink and clean it. Use a wipe to clean the countertop and the appliances to give a clean look to your kitchen.

Declutter and Clean Family Room

The guests would probably sit in the family or dining room. This area is the one that needs the most of your effort. It could be cluttered or messed up. You need to organize everything before you start cleaning. Ask all your house members to help you with cleaning it to save time. The dining table should be organized.

Remove all the unnecessary things like magazines and books that are lying on it. Place them on their respective shelves in an organized manner. Set plates and cutlery in front of each chair and make sure they are clean. Clean and dust the showpieces and other items in the family room. Organize the cushions and sofas. Lastly, don’t forget to use an air freshener to give a welcoming sense to your guests.

Conclusion About Cleaning a House For Unexpected Guests

The key to clean the house for unexpected guests in a limited amount of time is to just focus on the right areas, as mentioned in this article. You don’t need to worry; be smart and clean the right areas. You can dim the lights and close the doors of rooms and areas that are not cleaned. Also, spray some air freshener and put on some light music, and you are good to go.