The Dangers of Floor Cleaning Chemicals

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As homeowners ourselves, when we opt to buy commercial cleaning supplies, there’s a fundamental expectation that these products will effectively clean. Our homes are filled with a variety of cleaning agents, including detergents, soaps, bleach, disinfectants, polishers, and specialized cleaning solutions, particularly for areas like our floors which present a unique challenge in removing dust, dirt, and stains. Achieving a floor that shines and is free from dirt is a common desire. That’s precisely the reason our Puchong-based cleaners advocate for a careful selection of floor cleaning products, as some may potentially cause more damage than benefit.

You may have several questions on your mind such as what chemicals should you be aware of and what exactly can they do when they’re misused, so we took the time to give you everything you need to know about cleaning floors to achieve a cleaner, yet safer home. Check out below to know more!

Chemical Floor Cleaning Ingredient You Must Be Cautious About 

Each cleaning solution contains different ingredients and although most of them are safe, there are some that have harsh toxins that can have an adverse effect when used improperly. Here are some of the main chemicals you must avoid at all cost:

  • Phthalates – It’s essentially an analytical term for uncontrolled use of fragrance in cleaning items. Phthalates are alleged endocrine disruptors linked to asthma, reproduction (which include sperm count reduction in men), and developmental problems.
  • Triclosan – An antibacterial and disinfectant ingredient that causes serious allergies and autoimmune disruption.
  • Sulphates and Phosphates – While the former is considered to irritate the lungs, the latter is largely to blame for contaminating our waterways and depriving marine life of oxygen.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate – SLS and SLES are also detergents that are harmful to our health. They can damage our eyes if they come into direct contact with them, particularly in children.

The Dangers of Flooring Chemical Cleaners 

At first, using cleaning products might seem to be a smart idea—after all, don’t we want to get rid of bacteria that may make us sick? But, before you grab the bottle of floor-strength cleaner, consider what these products may be capable of. Remember that everything has a price; ignorance included!

Chemical Floor Cleaners Can Trigger Allergies 

Ammonia and bleach have strong odors that are frequently unappealing. People who are allergic to chemical cleaning products can cough, sneeze or even experience stinging eyes in serious cases. Contact with cleaning products on your skin for an extended period of time may result in dry skin, rashes, or severe allergic reactions. This can be particularly troublesome for people who suffer from asthma and eczema.

It’s better to use eco-friendly or organic cleaning materials for your floors especially when you have allergies.

Floor Chemical Cleaners are Not Biodegradable 

Many of the components in conventional cleaning products are not environmentally friendly, which is another major concern. These contaminants are recklessly poured down the drain or washed down the sink, causing them to accumulate in the water table. These leaking chemicals have the potential to destroy animals and plants over time.

With this in mind, eco-friendly cleaning products are much better for the environment. Not only does it effectively clean your floors, but it does so without harming anyone or anything!

Pets Can Be Affected By Chemical Floor Cleaners 

Pet owners are frequently worried about the safety of using chemicals in the home, especially when their dogs and cats are present. Ammonia, methyl chloride, and bleach are common toxic materials in conventional floor cleaning products. Whilst these products are safe for floors, they are not safe for our little fur friends. They might end up ingesting it or inhaling it which can risk their lives.


To sum everything up, in choosing a floor cleaner you need to be very careful. Not only should you consider getting your floor clean, but you must also think about the effects your selected floor cleaning product would give you. Keep these tips in mind to achieve a cleaner and safer home.