Cleaning Checklist For Kuala Lumpur’s Homeowners

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Keeping a tidy home ought to be a key focus for every homeowner. Employing a checklist can simplify the organization of household cleaning duties based on one’s own priorities. The use of a cleaning checklist for the home can significantly aid people by saving time efficiently and in an orderly way.

Here we are providing an arranged monthly based checklist containing home cleaning tasks for Kuala Lumpur’s homeowners. By following this list, homeowners can easily manage the cleaning tasks without leaving anything untidy.

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1) Deep Kitchen Cleaning:

As we all know, the kitchen is an essential part of every house to cook food, so it should be neat and clean at any cost. No doubt, people use to clean their kitchen regularly on a daily basis, but there should also be some deep cleaning that must be performed once a month. You can perform this task by the following checklist.

  • Clean the cabinets after taking out everything.
  • You should wash your kitchen shelves thoroughly.
  • Scour all cooking pots, such as pressure cooker and saucepans.
  • Deeply clean the sink.
  • Disinfect the kitchen floor.

2) Disinfect Toilets and Bathrooms:

Cleaning bathrooms is also one of the most important tasks that everyone should have to perform frequently, seven days of the week as well as at the start or end of every month. This place contains many infectious microorganisms that cannot be seen with naked eyes. So, you should deeply disinfect the bathroom even if it looks neat and clean. It is essential because you and your family members can get different unhealthy infections if you ignore deep cleaning. The same is the case with the toilet.

Use a disinfectant cleaner of good quality to wash the toilet, bathroom floor, washbasin, and door handles.

  • Clean the mirror of the bathroom so that the whole portion will look thoroughly cleaned.
  • Do not forget to clean the faucet.

3) Wash the Floor:

Properly cleaned floors look not only beautiful but also very healthy. Mopping the home floor can reduce the availability of debris and dirt in the house, but simultaneously, there are some tiny particles that remain inside the house even after sweeping regularly. These tiny particles can make big dirty highlights on your home’s floor that can look very bad and destroy the beauty of your house. An improperly cleaned floor can cause many problems like slipping and falling. That’s why it would be very suitable to wash the entire floor of your home at least once a month. If you have carpets in your home, then you can wash the carpets or deeply vacuum them. For deep cleaning of the house floor, we have the following checklist.

  • You can use the disinfectant or any floor cleaner.
  • You can also clean the floor by sweeping and then with a wet cloth.
  • An anti-bacterial floor cleaner with a good fragrance can also work for floor cleaning tasks.

4) Wash Curtains:

Curtains hanging over the windows look very beautiful and enhance the beauty of the house’s finishing, but only if clean or washed properly. Neat and clean curtains look beautiful, and cleaning them after a suitable interval of time also makes your house fresh and attractive. They usually absorb most of the dirt and odor; that’s why their proper cleaning is a must. Washing curtains are so simple and easy.

  • Remove the curtains of your home from windows and doors.
  • You should prefer to wash the curtains with cold water by using your hands.
  • If the manufacturer’s instructions allow it, you can also wash the curtains in a washing machine.
  • Moreover, you can choose a curtain washing service for this task.

5) Proper Dusting of Furniture:

The furniture of a house should also be well set and cleaned. Usually, furniture has dark colors that highlight the dust particles very clearly. If your furniture is light in color, even then you have to take care of that. A beautifully designed piece of furniture with dust over it can seriously destroy the whole look of your house. There are different ways of cleaning furniture, and some of them are mentioned below:

  • You can use a soft cloth to gently remove dust from furniture.
  • You can also buy furniture polishes; it will give your furniture a new look.
  • The dusting of furniture can also be done using dusting brushes.


Cleaning a house is important, and there is no question about it. However, it can be properly managed if you have a checklist. Following this cleaning task checklist can lessen your burden by giving you a complete overlook of pending tasks. You will not forget anything that in your monthly cleaning. Some crucial tasks for the monthly cleaning of the home are discussed in this article. You can follow them and enjoy a happy and clean life.