Cleaning Checklist After an Office Holiday Party

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The holiday season fills our hearts with unmatched happiness. The atmosphere is enriched with joyous music, kindness is more prevalent among people, and everything looks more glowing and vibrant. At work, this period is marked by extravagant celebrations and get-togethers that unite all. While this may seem thrilling, the task of hosting such events can be quite burdensome. A great deal of cleaning and organization is needed to pull off an event without a hitch. Should you find the preparations to be too much to handle, it’s a smart move to seek the help of a Malaysian cleaning expert to get your space in tip-top shape.

However, If you prefer to do the cleaning tasks on your own, it’s good to have a detailed checklist to guide you through the process. Luckily, we have here the best post-clean-up party checklist that you can use!

Pre-Party Cleaning Rules to Implement 

You don’t need to deal with a handful of cleaning responsibilities after the big day as long as you follow some tips that you can implement. If you want to lessen clean-up tasks after the party or ensure that all is well set up during the event, it’s good to set up some rules for people to follow. You can use these strategy tricks;

  • Make the use of mats to protect your carpets from possible stains or food droppings.
  • Put trash cans in common areas, so people can throw their garbage right away.
  • Set up paper towels and alcohol in corners of the site to help people clean up their mess.

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After an Office Party Cleaning Checklist 

Before we begin, we suggest setting up a team that’s responsible for cleaning the area. One person can’t do the job of cleaning the whole place, so it’s good to assign each committee a designated task that they can all do as a team. Once your team has been established, you may follow these tips below:

  • Bring a trash bag while you visit each of the workplace’s rooms. Be sure you pick up anything that needs to be thrown out, such as paper cups, plastic plates, disposable utensils, and more.
  • Sanitize surfaces with a disinfectant and a fiber cloth. Be sure you wipe off dirt and debris on tables, desks, and chairs.
  • Take out all holiday decorations and put them into a box. For those that you don’t think you’ll use again, throw them out. Place the container in the storage room for future use.
  • During the party, stains and food spilling may happen, so take out your mop and clean your floors. Remove stains with a floor cleaner. If your office has tiled areas, you can use a floor polish to make it shine again.
  • When you have carpets in your office, pick them up and vacuum them to remove any dirt and dust that may have stayed. You can also remove carpet stains with the use of stain removers.
  • The bathroom could be one of the filthiest places after a party, and if you don’t take the time to clean it out, it may end up making your employees sick. With this in mind, ensure that your bathroom is cleaned by mopping floors, picking up any debris, and disinfecting surfaces. Be sure you also replace toilet papers and soaps in the sink if they have already run out. It’s also good to clean the air dryer, so it’ll b ready once operations come back.


A holiday party can be a daunting task to handle, particularly the cleaning up process. If your workplace party is going to be a significant event, it’s good to consider bringing in a professional cleaner to help and assist you in getting the job done quickly.