Best Ways to Clean Your Mattress

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I strongly believe there are many people out there, just like me, who cherish their free time spent lying in bed in the comfort of their own room. This time is precious and valuable to us, and the last thing we want is to ruin it with a mattress that’s unclean, foul-smelling, or uncomfortable. Having a clean mattress soothes both the mind and body, helping to lessen stress and tiredness. It also leads to improved sleep quality, both at night and throughout the day. Thus, one can confidently state that maintaining a clean mattress significantly enhances our overall health and wellness.

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Why Should You Clean Your Mattress?

If you haven’t had your mattress clean, it can be one of the filthiest things in your room. When you sleep, you sweat especially when you’re living in a more humid environment. We cannot control this thing. Sweat and oil produced by our body were absorbed by our mattress and this gives a chance for fungi to grow.

When we lie on our mattresses, dead skin cells were fallen from our bodies. These attract dust mites and giving them the reason to live in your bed. If you are not using your mattresses most of the time, then dust and other debris can pile upon its surface. Food residue, your pet’s dirt, urine, and blood can also be a factor for building up molds in your bed. Who wants to lie on their bed now?

It doesn’t sound good knowing how filthy is your mattress right now. The good news is that cleaning a mattress isn’t that difficult. You can do it with the help of our best ways on how to effectively clean those lovely mattresses of yours. Go on!

1. Strip the Bed

Strip the Bed

Before you deal with the mattress, you must remove everything that’s covering it. Strip all the pillowcases, blankets, and beddings. Dump it in your washing machine and let the spinning do the task. In some cases, you may use hot water to wash these fabrics.

2. Vacuum the Mattress

Vacuum the Mattress

Vacuum cleaners will really help you with your mattress problems. Use the upholstery tool and attach it to your vacuum cleaner to avoid damage and effectively get rid of those dust, food particles, hair, and other debris on the surface. Use the crevice tool to ensure that every corner and narrow path will be cleaned too.

3. Do a Spot Cleaning

Do a Spot Cleaning

Fresh spills. If you usually have your snacks and drinks in your bed or letting your pet sleep with you, then your mattress can be stained easily, especially on the white ones. Any recent spills that are still wet should be cleaned immediately. Hurry to get a clean cloth and damp it with cold water. Gently dab the cloth to the spot to avoid the stain from spreading.

Biological stains. The sweat, urine, oils, and dead skin cells from your body when you sleep creates a mold in your mattress, you can usually see this as a yellow stain. To deal with this, you are going to need a stain remover. An enzyme cleaner is a good product to remove such biological stains. Do not spray the cleaner directly to your mattress. Use a clean white cloth and spray it with this cleaner. Blot the affected area with the damp cloth from the edge towards the center. When stains are already removed, use another clean cloth and damp it with cold water to remove the traces of the cleaner.

4. Deodorize with baking soda

cleaning mattress with baking soda

Big and heavy mattresses are hard to put out in the sun. Instead, use the magic of baking soda. It can remove odors from your mattress by absorbing any remaining moisture. Sprinkle a generous amount all over the entire mattress. The longer you can leave baking soda on the mattress, the better. This will give it time to break down acids, and absorb the odor. When you think that the baking soda has already done its magic, then you can use your vacuum cleaner to easily clean it up.

Cleaning a mattress can be quite a tedious task, especially if you’re cleaning it alone. But it is important to include a deep clean of your mattresses in your home regularly. A clean mattress increased air quality in your room, reduces risks of allergies and itching, and keeps your mattress new and fresh for longer years.