5 Tips For Better Vacuuming

by | Mar 24, 2024 | Tips | 0 comments

Everyone wants a neat and spotless living environment, devoid of any dirt, grime, dust, and loose hair. The struggle to remove these substances from our lives is ongoing. Fortunately, vacuum cleaners have emerged as an essential household appliance. They are ideal for maintaining cleanliness and freedom from dust in our living spaces, and they also help extend the life of our flooring while improving the quality of air inside our homes.

There are types of vacuum cleaners that can be used on different surfaces in our home. Some vacuum cleaners are designed for cleaning your sofa, carpets, floors, or any other specific surfaces, and picking the right one will save you from the hassle of using a vacuum cleaner. So here are some tips that ensure you vacuum better.

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Tip No. 1: Use the Appropriate Attachment

Vacuum cleaners come with different attachments depending on your specific need. You must choose the right attachment to make your work easier and faster. Here below are a few basic attachments that you may consider.

Crevice Cleaner. Attaching this crevice tool to the end of the extension wand of your vacuum cleaner allows you to reach places that you could never reach before. It is skinny in shape and has an angled tip to help you get into the corner most spots of your floors, sofa, baseboards, or even on your refrigerator.

Upholstery Tool. Obviously, on its name, this tool is used for upholstered furniture. It is a small, flat head tool but has a super strong suction that grabs the hidden dust and grimes from between fabric fibers. The upholstery tool is best to use for your, sofa, mattress, curtains, and chairs.

Dusting Brush. This tool has long soft bristles surrounding the opening providing gentle abrasion to dislodge dust particles from lampshades, window screens, baseboards, without leaving any scratches. This tool can also be used for drawers, keyboards, and silk plants. Dirt and dust will cling to the bristles and get sucked into the open center of the brush.

Tip No. 2: Choose the Right Vacuum Setting for the Job

Adjusting the setting of your vacuum will give you more efficient and more effective results when vacuuming. Vacuum cleaners come with different settings that allow you to adjust based on the height of the surface you are cleaning. If you have different types of flooring and carpets in your home, you may want to adjust the settings to get the best suction that you need. Using the right settings on your vacuum and knowing how to switch between them will protect your flooring and carpets.

Tip No. 3: Remove Small Objects from Any Surface

Before doing your vacuuming job, you need to make sure that you removed the small objects on the floor or any surface. This will make your job easier and faster. It also prevents the chance that these small objects will get stuck in your vacuum cleaners and may ruin the machine instantly. 

Tip No. 4: Give Extra Effort to High-traffic Areas

When we say high-traffic areas, this means that those areas with more foot traffic and activity such as the entryway, the path from the kitchen to the living room, and the paths in the hallways between the bedrooms.

These areas are very susceptible to big amount of dirt and soil.

Tip No. 5: Clean Your Vacuum

Many people tend to avoid changing the bag or canister of the vacuum cleaner. If you let the canister or vacuum bag fill to the brim before emptying it, the machine’s effectiveness will be lesser as the airflow and the hose may get clogged. By this time, you may want to empty your vacuum after each use and change the bag regularly.

Now that you are more knowledgeable about these useful vacuuming tips for your home, you can easily clean the floors without any hassles. Buying and using a good quality vacuum cleaner for your daily use will ensure that your home remains free of dust and grimes. Also, always remember that this machine will increase the lifespan of your floors. Using a vacuum cleaner in your home is now easy and fun. It will never be a burden on your schedule anymore when you follow the right procedure and good tips. Have a clean and safe home!