What Do Office Cleaning Services Include?

by | Jan 17, 2021

What Do Office Cleaning Includes

Fantastic Cleaners offers professional office cleaning in Malaysia to keep your workplace clean and comfortable. It is important for professionals to feel comfortable in their offices; that’s why hiring other professionals to clean your place will be worth it for both your workspace and headspace. 

A clean office  allows you to work productively without worrying about clutter. In addition, the body feels naturally at ease when it knows that you are in a clean, safe and secure environment. Now you can fully focus on the more important tasks at hand. 

For peace of mind and safety, hire the professionals like Fantastic Cleaners, who are trained and knowledgeable about sanitation and disinfection. With their help, life will, indeed, be more comfortable.

What are the services included for office cleaning?

The services of Fantastic Cleaners for office cleaning includes the following

  1. Vacuuming of all floors, carpeting, and rugs
  2. Vacuuming the ceiling and corners
  3. Mopping of all floors in all rooms
  4. Dusting and polishing reachable surfaces (furniture, chairs, desks, and office equipment, mirrors, pictures, and glass displays)
  5. Wiping down walls
  6. Disinfecting the kitchen and pantry, and common rooms like meeting rooms and offices. 
  7. Cleaning and sanitizing toilets and washroom areas
  8. Collecting the trash and replacing the trash can bin bags
  9. Watering the plants

You can also inquire and request if you have any specific instructions for the professional cleaners. For an additional charge, you can also have your rugs and carpet shampooed and disinfect all the rooms using misting.

For many, along with the cleaning of their spaces, they also schedule the general maintenance and cleaning of their appliances like air conditioning units and the like which also contribute to the cleanliness of a space. 

Working with a trusted cleaning services provider is ideal as they can provide you the best package and recommend the best cleaning strategies for your space. They can also offer more affordable costings for long-term contracts and regular maintenance. Here’s a post on the cost of hiring an office cleaner.

In the workplace, with a clean and “fresh” surrounding, employees are more motivated and productive. Without dirt, clutter and the threat of illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria, they can work confidently and efficiently. 

With professional cleaners, you can build and maintain that conducive environment, and you can be assured that your daily scheduled will not be disrupted as Fantastic Cleaners can be booked at your most convenient time. They work quickly and efficiently so workflow at your office and the routines at home will not be disrupted. 

And with their handy checklist, you can be assured that won’t miss any task or spot.

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Why do you need office cleaning services?

Your work is demanding. It’s already physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding; that’s why hiring professional cleaners will help ease your stress and workload. 

Hiring professional cleaning services can be a form of self-care as it allows you to relax and reduce your daily stress caused by clutter and the like. Moreover, a clean environment also protects you from dust and bacteria that may compromise your health. 

Did you know that office desks can contain as much as 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat? Therefore, it is important to have your office thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected. It will be smarter and economical to invest in a professional cleaning service because keeping a clean and hygienic office area will give you a higher return of investment. It will increase your time for work and productivity, keep your mind at ease, and protect your physical and mental health. 

The health and safety of your employees should be priority, and ensuring that operations continue unhindered is key to business success. Secure your professional cleaner today. 

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