Disinfection Services Puchong

We provide disinfection services in Puchong which meet the guidelines set forth by MOH & DOSH guidelines.

Professional Disinfection And Sanitization Services in Puchong

We offer all types of disinfection and sanitizing services to both commercial and individual clients in Puchong.

The disinfectants we used are highly effective yet safe for humans and the environment.

We are also equipped with modern equipment to ensure that our services will be rendered in an efficient, thorough and professional manner.

Our disinfection specialist from Puchong are experienced in providing disinfection and sanitizing services to various types of businesses and individuals.

Whether you’re looking to disinfect your home, office or warehouse. we have the capability to assist you.

Contact us to get a free quotation for your disinfection and sanitizing needs in Puchong.

Professional Disinfection Services

Why Choose Our Disinfection Services in Puchong

Many homeowners and businesses from Puchong choose our services over others because of the following reasons:



All of the disinfectants we use are halal-certified.

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Experienced Disinfection Specialist

We have been providing disinfection and sanitizing services to both commercial and individual clients.

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MOH Guidelines

Our services are compliant with the guidelines set forth by MOH & DOSH.

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The disinfectants we use are safe for humans and the environment.

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Quality & Safety

We are equipped with modern equipment, and our technicians from Puchong have sufficient training to ensure that you will be satisfied with the results of our services.

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Affordable Price

We offer some of the most affordable disinfection and sanitizing services in Puchong to both commercial and individual clients.

The Process Of Disinfection And Sanitization

When you hire our disinfection services in Puchong for your home or business, we will do the following:

1. Evaluate

We will evaluate the area you want to be disinfected or sanitized.

This step ensures that we use the correct procedure and the right equipment for your place. This is because different spaces require different methods for disinfecting and sanitizing.

2. Disinfect And Sanitize

We will disinfect and sanitize the area according to your preferences with our high-quality equipment and expert technicians.

3. Disinfection Certificate

Once done with the disinfection and sanitization, you will be given a certificate to ensure that your place is properly disinfected and sanitized. This step will come in handy when you want to show proof to your customers/tenants that your home is clean and safe for them.

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Areas For Sanitize and Disinfect

We can provide disinfection services in your workplace. This will make sure that your workplace is safe from viruses like Covid-19.

warehouse disinfection

Warehouse Disinfection

factory disinfection

Factory Disinfection

kindergarden disinfection

Kindergarden Disinfection

office disinfection

Office Disinfection

Our Disinfection & Sanitization Work

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FAQs about Disinfection Services in Puchong

We understand that there are many questions regarding disinfection and sanitization. If you have any, we listed down a few of them here to help you better understand the process:

What's The Cost of Disinfection Service in Puchong

The cost of our disinfection services in Puchong varies depending on the size and condition of your space.

What Are The Benefits of Having Your Home Or Business Disinfected?

A space that has been disinfected and sanitized is a healthy place to live in or work in. A clean and sanitized environment will help you have the peace of mind that everyone around you, including your family/employees, will be protected from viruses.

How Long Does The Disinfection Process Take?

You can expect the process to take between 2-4 hours. However, there are some instances where the disinfection and sanitization will take longer. For example, if you want to be disinfected and sanitized area is ample space, it will take more time.

What If I Need To Disinfect And Sanitize a Very Large Space?

Our team and our equipment are ready to work for you. You only have to contact us, provide us with your preferred time and date of service, and we’ll take care of everything else.

What Type of Disinfection Methods Will Be Used?

We have many disinfection methods to sanitize your place, such as surface wiping, surface wiping, spraying, etc. Our disinfection specialist will recommend the most suitable method to you.